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Privacy Policy

As IGTOR, we respect your privacy rights and strive to ensure this during your time on our site. For this purpose, the principles regarding the processing of the data kept in the system are explained below.

This privacy policy is the use and protection of personal data on IGTOR organized for the purpose. To identify the user directly or indirectly, such as IP addresses, basic browser information, log records, usernames, passwords and access tokens. Any personal information is personal data and in this privacy policy, "personal data" will be referred to as.

Personal IGTOR users data will not be used in any way other than the basis and scope determined by this privacy policy. However, in line with the requests and notifications received by administrative and judicial institutions, personal data can be shared with judicial and administrative institutions in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

All kinds of In case of disagreement, the Courts of the Republic of Turkey are authorized.

IGTOR personal data and the transactions made by its users takes the necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of its information. IGTOR for this purpose, can use other programs. However, IGTOR takes the necessary information security measures. personal data as a result of attacks on the website and/or system (servers). If it is damaged or in the hands of third parties, IGTOR does not take any action for these reasons. will not be liable and accept the responsibilities arising from such personal data loss.

A user's personal data (information) of another user It is not possible to access and change this information. User's personal information and/or data, Except for IGTOR, it can only be accessed by the user and this information can only be accessed by the user. can be updated. Additionally by IGTOR can be updated.

IGTOR, personal data measurement studies, communication activities, IGTOR Improving the quality of service offered by the website and conducting the site activities better. You can use, record, store for the purpose, but cannot share it with any third party except for judicial cases.

The word “cookie” is used to describe a small text file that the web page server places on the disk of your computer. Cookies may be used in some parts of our site to provide user convenience. In addition, cookies and web beacons may be used to collect advertising data through advertisements available on the site. Some advertiser partners may use cookies and web beacons. Among these advertiser partners is Google Adsense. These unaffiliated servers and ad networks may use their own technologies on our site to send information to your browser. This is happening entirely with your permission, and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your internet browser at your request. For detailed information, you can visit the Cookie Policy page.

IGTOR applies the privacy policy of all its business partners and advertising networks it uses, such as Google Adsense, on the IGTOR site.

IGTOR changing technologies, newly launched features, newly launched channels and many other situations reserves the right to make changes or additions to the articles when deemed necessary. Users, Changes can be checked by visiting the Privacy Policy page, which is open to the public.

Every user visiting, using, logging in to the IGTOR website, applications, etc. IGTOR Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms.


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